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Day 17 Santa Fe

October 5, 2012


Day 17 Golf and the Arts, Santa Fe

Andy drove me out to Pueblo de Cochiti Golf Course on an Indian Reservation an hour West from Santa Fe. After miles and miles of desert scrub you come across an oasis of green set in the most stunning countryside.
We went to pay the green fee and the old boy behind the counter was most interested that both of us were English. He’d been to England 12 years ago and “had a blast” – where had he stayed? “downtown Richmond by the river”, Kew Gardens was, by all accounts, “awesome”. We then picked up our buggy from an old girl called Maggie who looked like she’d seen too much sun over the years and she had lived in Hampstead then Brighton for 22 years. Clearly it wasn’t the English sun that had left her looking seriously leather skinned.
Weird stuff.
The course was largely deserted – signs warning of rattlesnakes encouraged me to keep the ball generally straight and if it did go into the deep bush I didn’t go in after it. A decision confirmed as early as the third hole where a HUGE black spider the size of your hand was marching across the fairway. L is very disappointed that I didn’t take a close up snap of it but a) you wouldn’t have liked it, b) I hate arachnids full stop and c) It could have been a Mexican jumping spider.
We had a good game and I have to say I played well for the most part except for putting on the glassy greens. Andy hit a gross 78 but he IS a good golfer, I managed 31 stapleford points off 24 which was something of a renaissance given my recent golfing form. We were around in just 3 hours, which left time for us to enjoy lunch at Harrys Road House a local diner off Interstate 25 – it was heaving and we were served by a nice brassy Latino lass with a penchant for tatts.
Whilst Andy and I were enjoying the golf L and Mandy went “behind the scenes” at the Santa Fe Opera courtesy of the Development Officer no less, which they enjoyed very much.
L and I later walked down the famed Canyon Road, home to many expensive art galleries (gulp) and then down past the allegedly oldest house in America (1646) which is a most unassuming little place built in the adobe style, as is most of Santa Fe. When we say adobe it means with the exterior covered with brown mud and straw render. Of course the modern buildings in the city are constructed to look the same and to these we apply the term faux-dobe.


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